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Welcome to Westmont College 招生! Your admission counselor is here to guide you through every step of the admissions process, support you in exploring your passions, 和 ensure that your transition to college experience is smooth 和 well-informed. 

We invite you to schedule a visit 和 immerse yourself in the vibrant 和 welcoming community that defines Westmont College. Your journey towards a deeper purpose starts here. Here for you, because we were you!



Located in Santa Barbara, the American Riviera, you’ll flourish in a culturally rich 和 vibrant setting.

你属于这里. You’ll feel at 首页 here. You just have to see it for yourself!




Our online application makes it easy to submit your materials, 和 your admission counselors are available to provide guidance 和 answer any questions you may have along the way. Be sure to mark your calendars with our important application dates to ensure you don't miss any deadlines.


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You've been admitted to Westmont 和 we could not be more thrilled! We think you belong here, 和 we're here to make the decision process as smooth 和 streamlined as possible. Whether you are a first year or a transfer, click the button below to find your next steps.



You've made a great choice! Whether you are a first year or a transfer, you've made a great choice to attend one of the nation's top liberal arts Christian colleges. We can't wait to welcome you to our beautiful sea-side Santa Barbara oasis. We look forward to seeing you on campus!



Check Out Your Residence Halls

Westmont College provides students with a vibrant 和 supportive living community through its residence halls, fostering a conducive environment for academic 和 personal growth.


Westmont 学生s?


They approach learning with curiosity, humility感激之情.

他们专注于 pursuing an education,不是学位.

他们拥抱 自我评价 as they grow 和 learn from each other.

They work hard to become well informed 和 choose to live a life of purpose.

They value an environment that both 挑战支持 他们.

They develop the character to confront 挑战 然后用 wisdom 和 grace.

他们拥抱 the work of spiritual, moralcharacter formation.

They cultivate skills to succeed professionally服务世界.

They want to live a life of significance 和 contribute to causes that will outlive 他们.

Affording College

奖学金 & Financial Services

Like many students, you may discover that our generous assistance means you pay less at Westmont than at a public university or other independent college. Dig into the numbers 和 think about where you want to invest these transformational four years. 95% of new students at Westmont receive academic scholarships, talent-based scholarships 和/or need-based grants.


Preparing Them for Success


Every year, we welcome more than 400 new students to Westmont. During their education, we prepare 他们 for a lifetime of leadership 和 service in every sphere of modern society.




Embrace a rich 和 engaging student life at Westmont College that extends well beyond the classroom. Immerse yourself in a plethora of on-campus activities, from student-led clubs 和 captivating cultural events, to meaningful outreach through our diverse ministries, where you can make a positive impact both locally 和 globally.


排名 #1 Christian Liberal Arts College 
in California 和 the Western United States. 

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Westmont is among the 2023 Best Colleges: Region by Region